ATTENTION!: Right now, for a limited time, our Casual and Hardcore PCs come with FREE coupons for Bioshock: Infinite and Tomb Raider! Our Insanity PC also features coupons for $50 of in game currency in Hawken, World of Tanks, and Planetside 2!


Orange is a custom PC building service unlike any other. Actually, saying we only build PCs isn’t accurate at all! Need a remote programmed? We do that! Need us to setup a router? We do that too! Already bought the parts for your new gaming rig, but can’t figure out how to put the PC together? We do that cheaper than the competition! We can help with any geek needs, and do it better, explain how to do it for the curious, and all at affordable rates!


So you think you’re ready for a custom PC?


Of course you are!


Most people seem to be under the assumption that PC gaming is super expensive, or even that consoles are stronger or better in any way. This is all false. If you add up the costs of an average gaming PC, monitor, and games, it equates to that of a console and games, or is even cheaper! No more paying for access to online play, the ability to use any input method you want (Controller, mouse/keyboard, anything you want!), and full control over your own machine. No more having big companies telling you how to do things!



Technology Orange provides local PC and tech care for Enid and Stillwater areas. Our promise to the customer is to provide a friendly, familiar, and helpful service from people you can trust, and do it all at prices that just can’t be beat. Let your technology problems be our concern.